Huggies Crawler Essential Size3 52 By 4 (21034) "PICKUP FROM AH LIKI WHOLESALE"

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Please note that Samoa Market is an Online Marketplace made up of many different companies. It is highly likely that your order WILL NOT BE SUPPLIED by Samoa Market. We will process your order but the name of the company that will supply your order will be on the details of the Voucher you are paying for. Take care to ensure that you understand who you are buying from/how many different companies you are buying from, as the receiver (person picking up your order) might have to travel to different locations depending on how many companies you buy from. Also note that Savai'i and Upolu are different Islands, and while many of the companies have branches in Upolu, very few are able to fulfill orders for Savai'i Please also note that you are purchasing a Voucher for Products/Services NOT paying for a Product or Service. While we do our best to ensure that prices and product availability are up to date, we, nor our participating Vendors will not be responsible for incorrect pricing or product availability. Example: If you are purchasing a Voucher for a $50 Tala Bag of Brown Sugar that has since increased in price, Samoa Market, nor the Vendor will be able to provide this product for the purchase price. You may use this Voucher towards a similar/alternative item OR pay the difference OR request for a refund. If an item is out of stock, your receiver may select a similar product (equal or lesser value) or request a cash refund if a replacement is unavailable It is also important to note that while most prices will be consistent with those of participating companies, some prices on our Website will be higher due to online payment processing fees, platform fees and exchange rate fluctuations Also note that all refund amounts returned to your account will be less than what was paid due to fees charged by the Payment Processing company (Not Samoa Market nor the Vendor) as well as Exchange Rate differences between presentment and settlement currencies AND Exchange Rate Conversion Fees charged by Financial Institutions. The full amount that we receive will be the full amount refunded, but will not be the same amount that you paid, due to the reasons outlined above Please contact us on (685) 29253 / (685) 7507412 / (685) 21956 during working hours for clarification or assistance

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