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Saleufi / Vaitele / Salelologa

Shopping online with is simple and easy. Our Vouchers are the perfect way to ensure that your assistance will be used towards it's intended purpose. If you're currently renovating or building a home in Samoa, and you're not quite sure of the Timber Size and Quantity required, how many bags of cement are needed, Rebar requirements, Mesh Wire Sizes etc, then worry no more.

Our Gift Card are available in different denominations. Select from $100, $200, $500, $1000 or $5000 Tala Vouchers + MORE. Once your order has been paid for, Bluebird Lumber will receive a notification from us of your pending order. Don't forget to leave the correct name of your recipient in the checkout to ensure a smooth pickup process. Your recipient will also have to present a Valid Photo ID matching the name you have specified

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