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Bank Deposit - Bank2Bank

Introducing our latest payment method: Bank Deposit - Bank2Bank! 

Doing business online means that there are a lot of parties involved. You have the Vendors, Banks & Payment Processors. Everyone must play their part in order for us here at Samoa Market Ltd to receive your payment in Samoa. While this is very convenient, simple and easy, it does come at a cost.

If your order is not urgent, we recommend selecting Bank Deposit - Bank2Bank at the checkout. Once we receive your order, we would recalculate your total in Samoan Tala + our $15Tala fee. Online payment fees will not be included in this total because you are now paying DIRECT to our account in Samoa.

This method of payment is fantastic if you're placing a large order such as for fa'alavelave, building materials or even just a smaller order. We highly recommend you try this one for your next order. One thing to keep in mind though is that paying by Bank Deposit - Bank2Bank is NOT instant and can take 2-3 Working Days until we receive your payment. This means that the order cannot be released until then, so just plan a little in advance.

Try Bank Deposit - Bank2Bank for your next order and Save $$$!


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