Toa Gas 4.5Kg BOTTLE + Refill - Swap any same size Gas Bottle at Selected Locations UPOLU MA SAVAII

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Toa Gas Refill 4.5KG New bottle + Refill for those customers who do not have an empty bottle

Available Only from Mon - Fri 8am to 4pm and Sat 8am to 12pm (CLOSED Sundays, Public Holidays). No bottles may be swapped outside of these hours unless it has been pre-arranged with Toa Gas Team at Togafu'afu'a, Phone +685 29090 and the Resellers in Upolu and Savaii selected locations

This order is for BOTTLE + REFILL so no need for empty bottle

Once your order is complete, make sure to leave a valid phone number. Your family can also contact the Toa Gas Team on +685 29090. We can also advise your family of the closest refill location to them. Note that this may not necessarily be the nearest reseller as NOT ALL SHOPS ARE INCLUDED as part of the online service. Also note that if the shop nearest to them does not have a refill available, they can travel to the next store that is part of the online service

Samoa Market and Toa Gas Team are currently working with local shops to build the list of swap locations but in the meantime, it will be confirmed by Toa Gas Team as orders are received

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