Donation to provide Support for Samoa during Measles Epidemic

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As the Measles Epidemic continues to spread across both our islands, admitting people to hospital and sadly taking the lives of many, most of them young children, there are so many good Samaritans doing great things

Helping Hands Samoa is just one of those groups who are working to provide relief and support not only for our children admitted to Hospital, but also for Nurses and other care/support staff

All our Donations are currently going to Helping Hands Samoa but if you would prefer to Donate directly to another Group, please kindly make note of this in your order notes

Click here to view some of the work being done by Helping Hands Samoa:

All Donations will be acknowledged on our Facebook Page and possibly by the group that will receive it. Please specify in your order comments if you would like this to remain anonymous. Also kindly note that the name that will be mentioned will be that on your order

Alofa Atu, 

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