We make every effort to maintain our inventory and mark items “out-of-stock", or remove the item from our website. On occasion, we may not have the item you have ordered in stock due to:
  1. Disruptions and delays in supply chain and logistics
  2. Fluctuations in local and overseas demand
If this occurs, our Vendors may be able to offer the following options to the person(Receiver) uplifting the order:
  • An alternative replacement item of equal or lesser value with any remaining balance refunded or redeemed in-store.
  • A refund up to the value of the sold-out item(s)
Please note that some Vendors may be unable to offer a refund to your Receiver in Samoa. In such cases, your Receiver in Samoa will determine whether an alternative product(s) is selected OR to process a refund to you(Sender). Also note that we have no control over any issues that may impede our third party suppliers in restocking items
We apologise for any inconvenience out-of-stock items may cause, and always try our very best to fulfil your order
If there is an issue with product quality, please return the item(s) to the Vendor with the original receipt within the timeframe they have specified for returns and exchanges